Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Father's Prayer

My husband Paul has three brothers. Since their parents passed away several years ago, they have planned a fishing trip every May. This year they met in southern Iowa.

Their daddy was a wonderful man. He was a deacon for many years and served the Lord faithfully. Before Paul and his baby brother were born, his daddy was a P.O.W. in WWII. He lost over 40 pounds and was very sick. At his lowest point, he cried out to the Lord. He promised the Lord if He would bring him safely back to America he would take his two little boys to church and teach them about Jesus. (These two boys would be Paul's two older brothers.) The Lord spared his life and Paul's daddy came home and kept his promise. Two more boys were born - Paul and his baby brother Don. Both Paul and Don are pastors. For over thirty years, they have proclaimed the "Good News" from their pulpits. They are tremendous fishermen, but even better fishers-of-men!

1 comment:

Clementine said...

Look at all those fish!!!! Wow!!!!

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