Thursday, August 13, 2009

Five Generations for Jesus

This is a picture of my great-grandmother Ada Stillion, my grandma Hazel Meyer, my mother Bonnie, me and our oldest daughter Rachel when she was about a year old.

Grandma Ada came to Jesus in her forties....... Her decision has affected five generations in our family and now Rachel is expecting a baby. Little did my great-grandmother realize the impact her choice would make on our family.......

One woman....... one choice........



Unknown said...

It is amazing to me to think about that!!!! makes you want to be SURE you choose the right things..... :)

Alisa Hope Wagner said...

What a legacy! How wonderful!

Donna McDine said...

Absolutely beautiful photo. Wishing you many more blessings,

Unknown said...

Your Great-Grandma made an impact on so many more people than you even know. It was because of Ada that my mother accepted Christ. It is because of that upbringing that my mother made sure her family went to a Bible believing/Bible preaching church. It was because of that upbringing with my Christian parents that my brothers and I all accepted Christ. It is also because of that upbringing that my children and some of my nephews have accepted Christ. I have a granddaughter now who knows she wants to go to Heaven when she dies. The legacy goes on and on.

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