Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Tonight our family is on the verge of something quite spectacular. A brand new baby boy will be joining our ranks. So far his name is Tristan Micaiah Fox, that is unless when his mommy and daddy take a peek at him, they decide he doesn't look like a Tristan.

This change in our family means I will become a grandmother. I'm so looking forward to this new era of my life. My grandmothers, both maternal and paternal, were instrumental in shaping my values and Christian experience. I can't imagine what my life would have been without them. They both have been in Heaven now for about ten years. You would think as time went by I would think of them less and their influence would somewhat diminish in my life, but instead I have discovered "though they are dead, yet they speak."

I find their influence in simple everyday experiences like when I am rummaging through my recipe box. This past year when my husband was facing a kidney transplant, I knew they would counsel me to find my strength and courage through prayer and my faith in God.

I pray I can leave a legacy to Tristan like my grandmothers left to me. Neither had portfolios or massive worldly assets, but I am confident that gold ran through their veins. Some days I pinch myself to think I was allowed to be their granddaughter. Because of their love and influence, I feel like I was born to royalty.

To all of your grandmas out there....... I salute you. May you leave "footprints" in the souls of each one of your grandchildren like my grandmas did mine.


Truly His said...

WOW, mom!! I am officially sobbing over here in the computer lab at school. I love you and know that all your grandchildren will be blessed because of YOU in their life. You taught us kids so much... More than you will ever know. :)

I love you!

the baby phillips girl

Mary Cunningham said...

Beautiful post, Dixie. Both my grandmothers (although, as different as night and day) impacted my life greatly and for the better.

Many hugs on becoming a grandmother!


Unknown said...

Dixie, what lovely memories you have, and how very blessed you are to have two Christian Grandmoms!
We've been just told that Nana needs to go to into hospice - and I am flooded with memories of how very good and kind my grandmom was to everyone.
Though she is now very different than when I was a young girl, she has given me wonderful memories- and taught me about faithfulness, serving others and endurance.
I am very sad, but trusting God's grace for the days to come.

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