Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Camel Lot

Today, December 30, 2009, our only son John Drake proposed to Natasha Stamman and she accepted. They took a sleigh ride in a restored antique cutter which was used years ago by another young couple in their courting days. The wedding is scheduled to be in early spring 2010. As I watched the excitement on John and Natasha's face I couldn't help but reflect back on this past two years. So much history has happened to our family during this time, we can hardly catch our breath. On June 12, 2008, John gave his daddy the gift of life when he gave Paul a kidney on Father's Day weekend. Then, one month to the day later, our firstborn Rachel Michelle wed Mr. Wilmer Nolt. You can imagine the emotions we all felt when Paul walked our daughter down the church aisle. Then, on August 9, 2008, our second daughter Rebekah married Mr. Zacariah Fox. Our eyes filled with tears again when Paul walked Beka down that same aisle. Our baby daughter Libby married Mr. Isaac Wendland on June 27, 2009. By this time Paul had three hospitalizations since his transplant. So, once again when he appeared at the back of the church to walk our baby girl down that familiar aisle.... we were swirling with so many emotions. On September 5th, Zach and Beka had their first child... a darling baby boy - Tristan Micaiah. Rachel and Wil are expecting our second grandson in March. If all this good news wasn't enough, now our only son will marry his sweetheart. God is sooooo good!

Life can be difficult, but God has been sooo kind to always allow joys to be on their way to us. The kidney transplant wasn't part of our plan for our lives, but just like Joseph in the Bible who found himself sold to a caravan of Midianites. He probably felt forsaken when he was thrown in that pit by his brothers, but God was directing the caravan. Whether they realized it or not they were being controlled by Divine providence. I hope I can always remember this. God knows where we are and He has perfect timing for our precise provision. Months ago He set the caravan in motion for us.

Get ready..... the caravans are coming......... and we will all be living in our own "Camel Lot." ;-)


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

What a beautiful story! They seem so great for each other :)

Rae Nolt said...

You have such a way with words! You should write books. OH WAIT. You do! :) So fun...Love ya!

Janet Ann Collins said...

Wow! What an amazing year. It sounds like you're living in a novel.

Unknown said...

Dixie thank you for reminding me that the Lord orchestrates all that happens to us...for His glory and our good:)

Unknown said...

Marmee. Isn't it wonderful? I sure am glad God put me in your family. :)

Susan Hornbach said...

Wow Dixie! Your family certainly has been blessed. You writing is beautiful. I enjoyed your story.

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