Friday, December 17, 2010

Hidden Heroes

A few weeks ago there was an ice storm in our neck of the woods. A precious elderly woman (Arlene is in the white sweatshirt in the above picture. My mother Bonnie is beside her.) from our church had a car accident and suffered a compressed fracture in her lower spine. She was placed in a nursing home where she could receive some physical rehabilitation.

Today my mom and I took a road trip to the nursing home to check on Arlene. We were blessed by her grateful attitude. She shared about a new friend Lucille, who was a retired missionary nurse, and wanted us to meet her. We traipsed down the hall and found Lucille.

Words are inadequate for describing this ninety-year-old seasoned saint. We felt like we were sitting in the room of some Bible character. She radiated authenticity and humility.

As we left, we were once again reminded that God has His hidden heroes everywhere - even in nursing homes. Somehow we knew that God had another missionary journey for dear Lucille.... No longer in the jungles of Nigeria, but the halls of a nursing home. And she was finishing strong for Jesus - blooming where she was planted and making a difference for the Kingdom of God.

1 comment:

Carol Baldwin said...

Great post, and very true. Gave me chills to read this!Ordinary people can often be heroes. Our next issue of "Talking Story" is on heroes. Thanks for getting me thinking...Carol

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