Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Rose Wore the Thorns

I enjoy writing song lyrics. Here is one. Hope it blesses you.

The Rose Wore the Thorns

In Eden’s Paradise the roses always bloomed
Until a curse was cast and every soul was doomed.
Thorns choked the roses and spread throughout the land.
But from the beginning God had a perfect plan.

In Gethsemane, Sharon’s Rose wept alone.
A bittersweet fragrance floated up before God’s throne.
A kiss of betrayal, forsaken and scorned.
The perfect Rose stood faultless among the thorns.

From Calvary, bruised petals covered the earth.
Sharon’s broken Rose broke sin’s dreadful curse
Crimson water flowed from His feet and hands.
Would Sharon’s suffering Rose ever bloom again?

In a borrowed tomb, they laid a wilted Rose,
By a miracle of grace, the Rose began to grow.
Defying death, the flower blooms again,
And can be planted in the souls of believing men.

The Rose wore the thorns so I could wear a crown.
The Rose bore the cross so I could stand on holy ground.
Trampled by the feet of men
The Rose lives and blooms again.
Heaven helped us all the day the Rose wore the thorns.
Yes, Heaven helped us all the day the Rose wore the thorns.

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