Monday, December 1, 2008

God Knows Your Phone Number

I remember one time hearing Joyce Meyer say, "Find your mess and you'll find your ministry." The first time I heard that simple sentence it resonated in my soul. For too long I tried to ignore past pain and not build on my splintered roots. As I rediscovered my mess and presented it to the Lord, He began to send brokenhearted children and women into my life. And when I put my arms around them, the Balm of Gilead began soothing my fears and healing the wounds on my own heart. I experienced this truth.... Only when we are broken do we become whole.

As the Lord began to heal me from the inside out, I began to have clear direction in my soul. I wanted to write stories for children that would captivate, inspire and offer hope to hopeless little souls. The Lord blessed my feeble efforts. He brought people into my life that would publish, illustrate and distribute my stories.

God knows our phone numbers. He is able to bring the right people into our lives and fulfill the Divine destiny He has planned for each life.

There are days when I forget this wonderful truth. Then, I remember thirty-two years ago when the Lord took me from my familiar surroundings in rural Iowa and placed me in East Texas Bible College. A shy Iowa girl meets a confident Arkansan. The two fell in love. It was a match made in Heaven. My pastor-husband Paul is my very best friend. The Lord put us together. He is no respector of persons. What He has done for us.... He will do for you.

Let us not grow weary in the work of LOVE........

Keep blooming where you are planted and get ready.... your phone will ring.

May Jesus richly bless each one of you,


Kristi Butler said...

You are such a blessing! The light of Jesus shines so brightly through you! I'm so thankful that He allowed our paths to cross! You and your family are in my prayers!
In His great love,

Jean said...

You're giving me hope that, in God's time, the stories I'm scribbling will be in print, too. I'm eager to see them come to life, but more eager to see God use them for His glory, in His time, in His way.

Merry Christmas,

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