Tuesday, December 2, 2008

One Noble Journey

Drum roll please... **** The talented Kim Sponaugle has begun the pencil sketches for our new book - One Noble Journey. There's something about when Kim starts sending me these sketches that just makes the book more real. Even though the pictures aren't in color, I know the process has begun and in a few short months... the book will be in our hands.

Today I visited with a mother, who is a new Christian. She accepted Jesus into her heart and life three years ago. During this time she has prayed to see her grown sons come to know the Lord. Whenever she speaks to them about what the Lord had done in her life, they seemed uninterested. She was discouraged and like many of us was losing hope that they would ever come to know Jesus personally. Just when she was about to give up, Thanksgiving 2008 rolled around. After a delicious meal on Thanksgiving Day, one of her sons began asking questions about the transformation that has taken place in her life. She shared simply what God had done in her life. She was so excited to share with me today that her boy plans to come to church with her.

God is faithful to work behind the scenes. Just like Kim Sponaugle is working behind the scenes to make One Noble Journey come to life. She is diligently pushing a pencil to get the pictures just right. Right now they are pencil sketches but in the near future Kim will wave her magic paintbrush and One Noble Journey will develop a personality and characteristics all its own. So it is with JESUS.... Some souls grow more slowly and their spiritual life begins with pencil sketches, but as God works behind the scenes.... He will add the colors of His choosing and that soul, which once seemed so untouchable, will be touched and transformed by the Holy Spirit.

Don't lose heart... dear mothers of Israel, we can have confidence in the One who sent His very best to us.

Hugs and fishes, <>< <>< <><


Mayra Calvani said...

The drawings are so sweet, Dixie. This will be one adorable book!

Kristi Butler said...

You are such an so many ways! Your depth of love for Jesus and the beauty of your walk with Him radiate through your writing.
I am also so thrilled to see the sketches!!! Wow! That has to be so exciting!!! I'm so proud of you and your illustrator!!! You give me hope of someday seeing my "Gracie" in a book!
Sharing the love of writing for Him,

Jean said...

I'm excited for you about the book coming to life, Dixie.

And excited that God is, again, bringing another mother's son closer to Himself.

Merry Christmas,

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