Monday, February 2, 2009


Sister Arlene has been a prayer warrior in my life. (She's the blonde lady sitting beside me in the picture.) Several years ago she has began having some life-threatening health problems. Every Friday our ladies meet to pray. Before Sister Arlene's husband retired, she was always right beside me bombarding Heaven. She has been a godly mentor to me and a living example of God's love. Sister Arlene knows how much I love old books written by Christian authors and from time to time she finds a treasure and brings it to me. This past Sunday morning Sister Arlene slipped a tiny book in my hand. When I opened the book and an old newspaper clipping, yellowed from age, slipped out and fell on my lap. I knew there must be something on this brittle piece of paper that God wanted me to see. I sat stunned when I read these lines about forgiveness...

Forgiveness is the fragrance of the violet which still clings fast to the heel that crushed it.

It was bread from Heaven. I had been struggling with a situation. It was an invisible war in the depths of my soul. As I read the words on forgiveness, my heart burned within my chest. Jesus was asking me to "let go" of even a hint of unforgiveness. In an instant I let go of my opinions and a peace that passes all human understanding swept over my being.

I stared at the tiny piece and began to wonder how long this morsel of soul food had sat in that tiny book. I knew it was Divine providence that my eyes fell on those scorching words.

Three cheers for Sister Arlene and all the Sister Arlenes every where who deliver fresh manna to hungry hearts......

Forward.... march....


Mayra Calvani said...

What a lovely photo, Dixie. Your books look so nice too! :-)

Kristi Butler said...

Sweet Dixie, Thank YOU for the manna. Forgiveness is a road that we must walk over and over again. And HE, our Lord, knows that road better than anyone. How great is the Father's love for us!

mizz dorothy said...

Vioare my favotite flowers My daughter and I have conrest to see who finds the flower every Sprin she is now 55 yrs old and we still look for the first Violet. Whast a blessing that yellowed paper clipping must have been for you Dioxie you win the contest this year as you found the 1st Violet. I loved this post. Mizz D

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