Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Saluting Pastor Paul Phillips

Today my friend forwarded a Christian article for me to read. It was an inspirational military story, and as I was reading the piece, my eyes fell on these words.

Mission first.
Never accept defeat.
Never quit.
Never leave a fallen comrade.

I haven't been able to stop thinking about how these same principles could apply to the Christian life. For those in leadership, it is easy to become discouraged. I thought of my precious husband Paul and his years of faithfulness in the Lord's vineyard. He's never wavered from the heavenly "mission" God has called him to. He has faith for every soul the Lord sends through the doors of the Gospel Lighthouse Church in downtown Floyd, Iowa. He will not accept defeat over their soul.... no matter how indifferent they may seem to spiritual matters. He prays earnestly, continues to point them to Jesus, and believes for spiritual victories in each life.

Last year our son gave Paul a kidney. Never once did I hear him question God, mention quitting, or give into any discouragement in his soul. He continued to press on to know Jesus more and more in his weakened state as he die when he was strong and healthy.

And it is my dear husband, who is there to extend a hand of friendship to those who insist on going their own way,only to find as they travel down the wrong road stuck in a ditch. He never condemns or says, "I told you so!" He lovingly and humbly points them back to the Calvary Road.

Today I salute my honey. God couldn't have given me a better husband or pastor. I love you and am honored to be your bride of 32 years. I have grown more under your ministry than any other ministry.

Love you forever,


Rae Nolt said...

I love it! Makes me want to PRESS ON even when life gets hard! I love you and dad so much! You make me a better person and your love for God shows right through you! Glad I was placed in your family. Blessed...that's my middle name!

Truly His said...

Oh, how blessed us PHILLIPS kids are!!!! Mom, I feel the same way about YOU AND DADDY. I would have gave up a long time ago if it was not for you and teaching me about God's love and patience with people....

Unknown said...

I love you both. Thank you so much for what you BOTH do. Just so you know....Marms. ;)

I did not hear YOU complain as well. You never gave up. You did so good with everything going around.
I love you tons. and TONS.


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