Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Floating Hearts

Has your heart ever been so heavy you thought it would never beat again?

This week as I read the story of Prophet Elisha and the floating ax head, the Holy Spirit breathed fresh life into a familiar story.

As one man was cutting down a tree, the head of his ax fell into the water. He yelled, "Oh, my master! I borrowed that ax!"

Elisha asked, "Where did it fall?" The man showed him the place. Then Elisha cut down a stick and threw it into the water, and it made the iron head float. Elisha said, "Pick up the ax head." Then the man reached out and took it. 2 Kings 6:5-7 NCV

In Elisha’s day an ax was a necessary tool for survival. Can you imagine the horror the man felt when the borrowed ax head plunged into the water? He knew it was probably gone forever, but Elisha had a plan and in a matter of moments the iron ax head was floating on top of the water. I’m sure relief flooded over the man’s heart as he snatched it up. The lost had been found!

Jesus cares about the everyday ax head situations in our lives. He has provided godly leaders who love and support us when we are drowning in suffocating circumstances. Our shepherds lead us to the foot of the Cross, where the presence of the Lord has lifting power. The Holy Spirit comforts and strengthens us so we don’t have to live “under” the difficult circumstances of life.

Burdened hearts are heavier than iron ax heads, but when one tiny sliver of Calvary's cross is inserted in a bleeding heart, it can rise with our Savior’s resurrection life and beat again.

Be encouraged today. The God of Elisha is your God, too.

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