Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Little People

We’ve all experienced it. We’re reading a familiar Bible story, and suddenly the words leap off the page and scream, “This is for you! Yes, you!”

I recently had this experience with the beautiful story of Naaman and the little maid found in 2 Kings 5.

Naaman was a powerful Assyrian leader with a deadly flaw. He had leprosy, a disease that did not discriminate. Even though he was a man in a position of political power and influence, he was susceptible to a common man’s illness.

A little servant girl of Naaman’s wife had the courage to share about Elisha’s power to heal the sick.

So Naaman took a road trip to meet Elisha.

Elisha gave specific instructions for Naaman’s healing. “Go dip in the Jordan River seven times.”

Naaman’s response showed the condition of his heart. He felt he was too important to dip in the muddy Jordan.

Fortunately, Naaman had a wise servant. His counsel was able to put the situation into the proper perspective. “Sir, if the prophet had told you to do some great feat, you would have done it. Now why can't you just wash yourself, as he said, and be cured?”

The servant’s words made sense to Naaman. He obeyed Elisha’s command and was completely healed.

Life application for us:

Many of us feel God has called us to serve, but when lowly service is presented, we respond like Naaman. “I refuse to dip into the muddy Jordan. This is not what I expected ministry to look like.”

But then the Holy Spirit, like Naaman’s faithful servant, responds, “If the Lord had told you to do some great feat, you would have done it. Can you do this little deed for Me?”

I meet people who insist, “God has called me to write.” But when the writing assignments are not huge book contracts, they refuse to write.

How can we solve this problem? I believe it’s an easy fix.

For those who feel the Lord is calling them into ministry:

Begin serving where you are. Don’t let what appears to be lowly service stop you from being a blessing. Remember that even a cup of water given in our Savior’s name will receive a reward one day.

For those who feel called to write for the Lord:

Start writing where you are. God has miraculous ways of getting your writing to the exact places He wants it to be.

The longer I live I am more convinced that God uses “little” people to do “big” things for God. The “biggest” people in God’s kingdom are those who stay “small” in their own eyes.

Will you be like the little maid and let the Lord use you today?

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