Saturday, February 13, 2010

Floating Hearts

I don't have a lot of time to write today. I'm under the gun with a ghostwriting assignment, but just wanted to share a little soul food with you.

We've all had this happen to us. We've read the Bible stories and can recite them backwards and forwards, but then one morning we wake up and the Holy Spirit seems to whisper new depth and give fresh manna to an old familiar story. Today this happened to me while reading the story of Elisha and the floating axe-head. This tool was necessary to the man's everyday existence. The axe-head accidentally came off, fell into the deep water and was gone forever until a man of God cried out and the axe-head floated to the top.

Jesus cares about the little everyday axe-head situations in our life. He has provided godly leaders who know how to help us cry out to God and live a victorious Christian life. The presence of the Lord has lifting power. He doesn't want us to go under, but He wants to take us over the top for His honor and glory.

Broken hearts are heavier than iron axe-heads, but when one tiny sliver of Calvary's cross is inserted in that bleeding heart, they rise with Resurrection life and beat again.

Allow Jesus to help your wounded heart beat again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Listen With Your Eyes

My husband Paul and I are official emptynesters. Not quite sure how the years slipped away so quickly, but they did. This morning as I sat quietly before the Lord I had this memory of our baby girl Libby. She was always our little firecracker of a child and had a large personality even as a toddler. I can remember being busy with my day and she would ask me a question. I would always answer her, but if I didn't look into her eyes and answer, she would take her little hands and grip my face and turn it so we met eye to eye. It was like she was saying, "Mommy, listen with your eyes."

This little sentimental journey was soul food for me. I think every individual wants to feel what they have to say is important. Hearts are crying throughout the land, "Do you see me? Am I worth loving? Does anyone care? Is what I have to say important to you?"

I would give anything to have little Libby on my lap right now and I would listen with my eyes.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Parents, grandparents, teachers, children’s pastors and homeschoolers of all ages are going to love Colleen Reece’s new children’s book Katydidn’t.

I have been involved in Christian education for over 20 years and consider myself to be pretty particular when it comes to Christian children’s literature. I found Katydidn’t to be a breath of fresh air. This book should be read in Sunday school classes, children’s church, Christian schools, homeschooling book clubs, mothers’ laps and in grandmas’ rocking chairs. I can see little ones’ spirits being opened up by this delightful story because they will begin to grasp the importance of seeing how our responses can help or hurt our relationships. Katydidn’t is like a mirror reflecting what every child has felt or said. What I liked best is the creative lesson in conflict resolution Ms. Reece ends with. She took a negative response and transformed it into a positive one. She is an author we can trust to help shape the small souls in our lives.

Throw in K.C. Snider’s colorful illustrations and you’ve got a ‘Blue Ribbon’ book. Her pictures are guaranteed to capture the attention the wiggle worms in your life.

I hope this dynamic duo will team up again because I know it will be another winner for sure!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Mom's Bible

I didn't really know what to expect when I signed up to review Mom's Bible, but I am delighted to report I love, love, LOVE this Bible. It is the New Century Version, which makes it easy to understand and tucked in the pages are inspirational devotionals. Our third daughter Beka just became a first-time mom and our oldest daughter Rachel is expecting a baby boy next month. I have already called our local Bible book store and placed my order for another copy of Mom's Bible. Motherhood is challenging enough and I believe God can use His Word and devotional in my daughters' lives to help shape the little ones in their lives. I can't say enough good about this Book. Thank you, Thomas Nelson for such quality literature.

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