Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing for Little Ones

Some of my new friends have been asking me how many children’s books I have available and where they can purchase a copy. I thought I would dedicate today’s blog to answering their questions and share a little blurb about my children’s books.

Here is a list of my published stories.

Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes is a perfect story to read to the little ones in your life during Easter. Children’s hearts will be challenged and changed as they read about two cherubs, Kennedy and Tristan. These two charming cherubs help children understand what the angels might have felt when Jesus came to Earth and was crucified.

Stubby’s Destiny

Stubby’s Destiny is an inspirational story about a defeated donkey, Stubby, who feels he was born wrong. He was just about to give up when divine destiny tapped him on the shoulder. He was chosen to carry the King of Kings upon his back. Stubby’s Destiny will bring hope to hurting children who feel their situation is hopeless.

One Noble Journey

Two cultures collide in the tiny village of Westbury. The orphan from the lowlands and the Count's daughter from the highlands and a baby raccoon will entertain the hearts of all and is guaranteed to shape small souls.

Baby Jesus is Missing

The annual Christmas decorating contest left no room for Jesus until little Josiah Carr teaches his mommy and daddy the true spirit of Christmas is finding Jesus. This captivating story is guaranteed to warm the coldest heart and become a Christmas favorite for families everywhere.

Cinderfella and the Furry Godmother

Staci adores her new puppy but she starts singing her own rendition of the birthday blues when she keeps forgetting to water her pet. Smiles will be transplanted on the faces of children and adults when they read this hilarious story together. Finally, a book that makes learning the art of responsible behavior fun!

Stilts the Stork

Plenty of chuckles will be delivered in this rhymed topsy-turvy adventure about a ditzy stork who adopts an orphaned “egg” she discovers on a golf course. Can a zany stork, who adopts an orphaned “egg” that she discovers on a golf course, deliver plenty of chuckles? Yes! This rhymed, topsy-turvy adventure is guaranteed to tickle your child’s funny bone. Anyone who can follow the antics of Stilts without a chortle or two is an odd bird indeed.

Apron Strings

Grandma Eleanor and Lexi are attached at the heart. For Lexi’s seventh birthday, Grandma Eleanor sews a beautiful apron for her. When her grandmother gets sick, Lexi is comforted by the heavenly clues she discovers in the treasured apron. This inspiration sensation is guaranteed to help mend broken hearts and shape small souls. Apron pattern included, too!

These books are available at In the near future, Guardian Angel Publishing will be releasing my newest books: Whistling Dixie, The Cat Came Back, and Livia the Super Hero.

I am very excited to announce that Guardian Angel Publishing has invited my sister-in-law and me to start a new line of Christian musicals for churches, homeschoolers, and Christian schools. We were thrilled when they released our very first Christmas musical—Camille’s Journey. This delightful drama was written by Lucy Robbins, Leslie Troyer, Sharon Phillips, and me.

Camille’s Journey is available at www.guardianangelpublishing too.  Here is a little blurb about it.

Camille’s Journey

Spend your Christmas with Camille, an orphaned camel, as she leads three zany wise men and their bossy camels to the newborn King in Bethlehem. Children of all ages will love this fun, easy-to-learn Christmas musical. Finally a drama guaranteed to warm the coldest heart.

Once upon an Empty Tomb

Sharon and I are pleased to announce that we also have a children’s Easter musical Once upon an Empty Tomb, which will be available in the near future from Guardian Angel Publishing.

I would like to thank each one of you for your loving support of my writing ministry.  

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