Thursday, April 28, 2011

Divine Interruptions

Last night at our mid-week Bible study I was blessed by the testimony of one of our church members. My husband had asked if anyone would like to share about something God had done for them.

"I have something I'd like to share." One of our newest members spoke up.
"Not too long ago, my hours were cut at work and I was really bummed. I didn't understand why God allowed this to happen. I was a good bookkeeper and took pride in my work. After talking to the Lord about it, I realized I had to trust Him. Little by little I was given more hours here and there in another department. Then one day it was discovered the bookkeeper I had been working with was embezzling funds. If I had kept my same position, I could have been accused of stealing, even though I was innocent. Instead my work has called me back as a fulltime bookkeeper."

The entire congregation sat stunned. We all had been in her shoes at some point in our lives when we didn't understand why God allowed "bad" things to happen to us or why He chooses to give us a "DIVINE INTERRUPTION!" Hearing her story with a FULL CIRCLE moment was very refreshing. God is always at work behind the scenes for us. His Word is true. We do walk by faith and not by sight.

1 comment:

Keena said...

thx for the reminder that God is in control

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