Sunday, April 10, 2011

God Knows Your Cell Phone Number

For most of my life I have always lived in small towns. There were a few years, after high school, I dipped my toe in big city living. Like a boomerang, I had a full circle moment when God called me to return to my "homeland" of Iowa and serve Him along side my husband. In fact, the place He called Paul and I to serve was an even "smaller" town than where I grew up and a whole lot smaller than where Paul grew up in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We were called to serve the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Floyd, Iowa, in August 1981. Our little hamlet has a population of 360.

During our almost-30 years here in Floyd, we have seen God provide above and beyond our dreams. I would like to share one of our God stories with you.

In 2008, Paul became deathly ill. He was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure. He needed a kidney transplant, go on dialysis, or die. All four of our children volunteered to give their daddy a kidney, but it was our son John who became our MVD--Most Valuable Donor. ;-) Fear hounded me and I found after I gave my burdens to the Lord it was best for me to keep busy. God knew this and had a special assignment for me.

The Lord sent Dennis and Mai Spencer into my life. The Spencers lived in Arizona and Mai needed someone to help her write her testimony. I didn't realize it then, but my life was about to be change forever because Mai Spencer isn't your nominal Christian. She is SOLD OUT to JESUS! The word "RADICAL" pretty much sums up Mai!

Mai was raised in Vietnam and a Buddhist. She grew up and married Dennis, an American soldier. The couple moved to the States and had four children. Tragedies took three of their children prematurely. Mai cried out to Jesus and He came to her and revealed Himself. She was transformed. She became a new creature in Christ Jesus. The Lord gave the Spencers a growing ministry in Vietnam.

Mai's book, The Son in My Eyes, will be released May 1st. All the proceeds from the book, help to fund the Jesus in Vietnam Ministries.

I stand amazed at how God orders our steps. Who would have ever dreamed a little Buddhist girl from Vietnam would one day meet an Iowa girl from a tiny town and together they would write the Vietnamese girl's story.

Once again, God has proven to me, He knows our name........ He knows where we live and He even knows our cell phone number. Get ready.... Heaven may be calling.


Truly His said...

So true, Momma! <3 God has proven to me OVER and OVER again - he knows right where I am.... Love when we get those winks from Heaven!;)

jessica m said...

Wow I MUST read that story! I LOVE radical stories like this! where can I get it?

Dixie Phillips said...

Thanks, Libby.... You always know just what to say to make your mommy feel good.

Jess, I will have some copies after May 1st. I can get a copy for you.... if you'd like. Be sure to have a box of tissues handy... Mai's story is EMOTIONAL!

jessica m said...

Awesome Dixie!!! :)

Afsoon and Shapour said...


I have visited your blog and enjoyed it very much. It has a great inspiration.

Would you like to visit my weblog which I created about 6 months ago?

My husband and I are Iranian and live in the UK. We love Jesus and our weblog is mostly about our Lord. Since we are Iranian we have added some Persian topics to the weblog, but you can read and watch English ones.

My weblog is

God Bless,


Dixie Phillips said...

I hope you received the note I left on your blog. Soooo happy to meet you, my precious sister-in-Christ.

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