Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Quad-Cities Writers' Conference

Following JESUS is, WITHOUT A DOUBT, the most exciting adventure. A few months ago I learned about a Christian Writers' Conference in Iowa. THINK OF THAT!!!!! I had attended my first Write2Ignite! in North Carolina in 2008. I was hooked. I was in a room full of Christian women who felt the same heavenly Call I did... to write for the glory of the Lord. Women who wanted to "WRITE 2 IGNITE" the hearts of children and youth ablaze for JESUS!

The next year the Write2Ignite! Conference was held in South Carolina. As the Lord would have it, Paul and I were near South Carolina and drove to the conference. I met and made eternal friendships.

But this year I wasn't able to attend Write2Ignite!. Things weren't working out and I was soooo disappointed. I did my best to give my disappointment to the Lord and keep my eyes on Jesus, knowing He always has a plan.

Well, one of the women I met at Write2Ignite! shared with me about the Iowa conference...... I checked it out and here I am.

I have been sick all week, but my husband knew how badly I wanted to attend so STRIKE UP THE BAND...... I may be limping, but I am here.

JESUS, I expect to meet YOU here in a special way.
Lead me........ Guide me...........



Jeanette Levellie said...

How wonderful! I am so happy for you to be able to attend this, and believe the Lord will nourish you, spirit and soul and body.


Dixie Phillips said...

Thanks, Jeanette! I had a wonderful time. Maybe one day you and I will meet up at a writers' conference. ;-)

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