Friday, January 1, 2010

George Fox

Because the economy was drastically unstable, the villagers turned inward, caring little about the affairs outside their own town. Little did that sleepy town realize there was one among them who would shake all of England. (quote about the boy George Fox)

I always enjoy reading about the lives of people who have laid down their lives for the Cause of Christ. Today I read about George Fox, the founder of the Quakers, who lived through persecution after persecution yet humbly shared his faith in Jesus with everyone God brought across his path.

As a boy, George struggled socially. He was a misfit and a loner. I'm not quite sure why I was so moved by learning of his disposition and then years later see how God used him, but I was.

For twenty-one years now my husband Paul and I have invested in the lives of children and young people. Lighthouse Academy, a Christian school in the church where my husband pastors, was started in August 1988. Monday through Friday, Paul stands before the students in Opening and shares truths from God's Word. The students come in every flavor. We have our extroverts and introverts, too, like they did in George Fox's day. I guess the word that continues to resonant in my soul about our precious students is POTENTIALITY! We don't know how God may choose to use each one of them, but we can be sure He will.

I pray each child whether gifted or not will sense God's love for them through our lives. I never want to be guilty of prejudging a child and thinking God cannot use him or her. The Spirit of the Lord uses ordinary people to perform extraordinary feats!

I wonder if you or I are mentoring a future George Fox. A child that through our eyes doesn't appear to be of use in God's vineyard, but through God's eyes can shake the world. God sees things differently than we do. As the old saying goes... He doesn't look for ability, but availability.

George Fox's story has left a deep impression on my soul this New Year. I hope I am not guilty of being "sleepy" and not realizing what God is doing in the midst of my community. I pray every child the Lord sends through our doors will feel loved and come to know God has a Divine destiny for their life. After reading about George Fox, I don't think I will look at a child the same ever again.

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