Monday, January 11, 2010

Father Knows Best

2010 has started with numerous full circle moments because they seem to be popping up everywhere I turn these days.

Childhood pictures of my two older brothers and myself are hard to come by. We do have a few black and white photos, but color photographs are almost obsolete. Our mother tells us most of our treasured pictures were destroyed by flood waters. God always seems to know when I need a little "wink" from Heaven and He sent me one today.

A few years ago, my grandmother's brother passed away and sometime later his daughter was rummaging through some old photos. She discovered a few photos she thought we might be interested in. You can imagine how thrilled we were when we opened the thick envelope and colored pictures of us as kids dropped out. In the picture above I am the little girl dangling Bongo, a children's picture book, from my hand. I'm clenching another unknown book in my other hand.

Of all the pictures she could have sent, she sends one of me holding a children's book. Somehow that spoke to me. It seemed it was already in God's plan for me to write for little ones. I pray my words will help shape small souls for Jesus!

After examining the picture for a few minutes, I brushed a tear or two from my eyes, and took another sentimental journey. I was probably around eight and visiting my paternal grandma. She had cut and stapled a few sheets of white paper together and told me to write a book about anything I wanted to. I began to write about an oriental woman, who worshipped idols. I remember titling my story Mae Sue's God.

Fast forward forty years later, I was hired by a precious Vietnamese woman named Mai Spencer to ghostwrite her life's story. Mai had been a Buddhist for most of her life, but when she lost her third child she called out to Jesus and her life was forever changed. I didn't write about Mae Sue's God, but I did write about Mai Spencer's God. ;-)

I don't believe in coincidence. I know this was Divine providence.

2010 is the year of full circle moments. Be on the lookout for them. ;-) They will build your faith in a Father who always knows best.


Truly His said...

That is sooooo wonderful Marmee! God has his hands on us, doesn't he? I loved it. You are sooo dear to me.

Unknown said...

What a precious memory, Dixie! Isn't our God amazing? Sometimes we just have to still our hearts to hear His still, small voice. So neat to see how He's using you to impact young children for Him. Keep up His work! God bless!

Rae Nolt said...

AH!!! LOVE this pic! I bet you LOVED books as a child...JUST loved them!

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