Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living Life in the Zone

My favorite part in Living Life in the Zone is when authors Kyle Rote Jr. and Dr. Joe Pettigrew give instances in the Bible where God made major changes and transformations in the lives of different biblical characters after a 40 day period. Then they offer men of all ages the opportunity to have a 40-day spiritual game plan of their own. They hope by setting time apart each day the Holy Spirit will transform their readers lives, too.

This isn't your typical devotional book for men. It is an "intense" study and jam-packed full of sheer inspirational stories from successful coaches and professional athletes,whose lives have been changed by the transforming power of Jesus Christ and guarantees to help men experience a vibrant faith in Jesus Christ.

If you have a sports-minded man in your life, he will love this book. Living Life in the Zone isn't a book you read once and put away. After your first 40 day spiritual game plan, you can start all over again.

On a scale of 1 - 10.... I give Living Life in the Zone a perfect 10. You just can't find flaws in a book that challenges you to be all God intended you to be.


Unknown said...

Sounds incredibly inspiring!! Thanks for the thumbs-up review - looks like one I can pick up for my husband! Have a great weekend and God bless!

Dixie Phillips said...

Let me know how your husband likes the book.

So thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross.

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