Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am fast becoming an avid fan of children's author Kevin McNamee. I was trying to think exactly what it is about his two new children's books The Sister Exchange and If I Could Be Anything that won my heart. I believe I know the answer - His writing keeps the reader grounded as to what is of utmost importance in life. Before you read the last sentence of his books, you realize, more than you ever did before, just how precious and important family and loved ones are.

A child's imagination will be expanded when they read Mr. McNamee's delightful rhyming tale If I Could Be Anything coupled with Marina Movshina's colorful illustrations. Children will love imagining being an eagle soaring high in the sky or a bat hanging upside down in a cave. If I Could Be Anything is purely an "Imagination Station" that children of all ages will thoroughly enjoy.

And just when the reader is tranported all over the world dreaming about what he wants to be, Mr. McNamee penned these words:

But I'd want to be
with the ones that I love,
and with those who love me.

Those words made me want to stand to my feet and cheer.

When I was a child, after my grandmother read me a story she would ask me what I thought the moral of the story was. Over 50 years later, I continue to look for the deeper meaning of a good book. I felt the moral this story seemed to convey - Go ahead and dream. In fact, dream big, but be sure your priorities are grounded and you know who the important people are in your life and whatever you do... never, ever take them for granted.

You'll have to excuse me for now... I've got to go love on our new grandbaby and tell my husband how thankful I am for him.

To purcase If I Could Be Anything go to You'll be glad you did.


Cheryl said...

Oh, this one sounds great too. It looks like Kevin gets right to heart of the matter. I can't wait to read these.


Nicole weaver said...

Wow Dixie,
Here you go again. I so love reading your reviews. I am going to go broke, I am going to have to place an order soon after I pay my Christmas bills. Great Review. Look forward to reading the book.

Mayra Calvani said...

Thanks, Dixie! I'm looking forward to reading Kevin's books.

Happy New Year!

Connie Arnold said...

Thanks for sharing the great reviews of Kevin's books, Dixie! They sound so enjoyable while teaching something important to children as well. I especially love books written in rhyme!

NancyCL said...

I too amd looking forward to reading and reviewing Kevin's books. Just hope my reviews are half as great as yours!

Unknown said...

Super review. I have a lump in my throat.

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