Thursday, November 27, 2008

The First Thanksgiving

Tens of thousands of angels stood wing to wing peering through Heaven’s portals. Hallelujahs rang down the corridors of the golden streets. Today was the day Jehovah had been patiently waiting for. This was the very day the Messiah was to be born on Earth. The prophets had foretold of His coming. All the citizens of the Celestial City were celebrating the birth of the newborn Prince.

The Cherub Choir was commissioned to fill the sky and sing to the shepherds on the hillside. Greta, the tiniest angel in Heaven, sang with all her might, “Glory to God in the highest!”

Kylie, Greta’ best angel-friend, chimed in, too. “Peace on Earth! Good will toward men!”

Greta & Kylie flew to the humble stable and peeked through the cracked wooden slats. There they saw Mary and Joseph hovering over the Baby Jesus. A tear fell from Mary’s eye as she buried her head in Joseph’s chest and cried, “My heart is bursting with gratitude, Joseph!”

“Oh, Mary, I, too, am filled with such appreciation of Jehovah’s provision for us.”

A knock on the stable door interrupted the young couple. Kylie and Greta cranked their tiny necks so they could get a better view of the visitors. There before them were shepherds arriving and bowing before the newborn Babe.

The seasoned shepherd lifted his staff and hands in praise and shouted, “Praise be to the God of Abraham. Our hearts are overflowing with thanksgiving today because of this unspeakable gift Jehovah has given to us.”

Suddenly wise men entered the room with expensive gifts. Each knelt before the tiny King.

“We honor You today, oh little One. Blessed be the Name of Jehovah! For He has kept His promises and He has blessed us with bountiful blessings this day.”

Greta whispered to Kylie, “Wow! We thought is was a holiday in Heaven when Prince Emmanuel was born, but I can see that the earthlings are even more excited than we are!”

Kylie nodded her head in agreement! “Yeah! I don’t know much about planet Earth, but I can tell you this. I'm sure they will make this day a holiday for the rest of Earth’s existence! There’s no doubt in my mind.”

Greta’s forehead wrinkled. “Kylie, What do you think they will call this holiday?”

Kylie answered, “Well, let’s see! They say they are full of gratitude, appreciation, thanksgiving, and bountiful blessings! Oh, I know what they will call it?”

“What’s that?” Greta inquired.

“Thanksgiving!” Kylie beamed.

“You are so smart, Kylie. I hope when I get a little older I’ll be as smart as you.”

Kylie shrugged her wings. “Awww shucks, Greta! All I had to do was look and listen to what they were all saying about Prince Emmanuel.”

“Kylie!” Greta squealed, “Do you realize that we are seeing history in the making with our very own angel-eyes? And we’ll be able to go back to the Cherub Choir and tell them that we saw it.”

“Saw what?”

“The first Thanksgiving!” Greta replied. “We saw the first Thanksgiving!”

Kylie crowed, “There’s no other name for it! Mankind should be jam-packed full of "THANKSGIVING" for King El Shaddai’s magnificent Gift.”

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