Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Newspaper Article

This is an article in our local newspaper.

By Staci SchwickerathDixie Phillips of Floyd displays the two children’s books recently released.
By Staci Schwickerath
Charles City Press
Wed Nov 19, 2008, 08:28 AM CST


Floyd, Iowa -
Angels and animals bring stories of inspiration, faith and hope to children in a pair of books written by a local author.
“Angel Eyes” and “Stubby’s Destiny,” penned by Dixie Phillips of Floyd, hit shelves this fall after being published by Guardian Angel Publishing of St. Louis, Mo.
While the new stories are Phillips’ first children’s books, the local author has written several plays for young children and youth. Testimonies and devotionals written by Phillips and her husband, Pastor Paul of Gospel Lighthouse Church, have been included in several books.
“Writing is kind of like little seeds you scatter. You don’t know where your books will go or where your story will go. I never dreamed that the Lord would make me a writer,” said Phillips.
“Angel Eyes,” which was released in August, is written from the point of view of cherubs witnessing Jesus’s life on Earth, including his birth, baptism, crucifixion and resurrection.
“It’s kind of Easter and Christmas rolled into one book,” explained Phillips. “We have four children and when we were reading the Christmas story when they were little, our baby girl Libby asked us what the angels think, so that got the wheels turning.”
“Angels Eyes” was first written as a play 10 years ago. The book is colorfully illustrated by Kim Sponaugle, who incorporated images of Phillips’ family members into the story. Sponaugle also illustrated “Stubby’s Destiny.”
The second book, which was released just last month, tells the story of a sad donkey.
“Stubby is a little donkey. He’s just so defeated and he doesn’t think he has a divine destiny. He compares himself to the stallions,” explained Phillips.
In the end, readers learn that Stubby’s destiny includes being selected as the donkey that Jesus rides.
“It’s written for children with difficult circumstances, so they know that every child has a divine destiny and a purpose,” said Phillips.
Two others books, “Our Noble Journey” and “Baby Jesus is Missing,” are due out next year. The local writer has sent two additional manuscripts out to publishers.
Phillips, a Charles City graduate who serves Lighthouse Academy and works as church secretary, hopes parents will share her “cuddle and read” books with their children.
“I want these books to get into the hands of children, parents and grandparents and plant a seed of hope and maybe help children to have faith in God,” Phillips explained. “I think we’re in a day and age when times have changed for children. They grow up faster than they ever have. I want to write to ignite their little hearts with inspiration and goodness and hope and little random acts of kindness.”
When children at Lighthouse Academy were read the books, they didn’t know Phillips had written it until they finished the story.
“They just squealed and clapped” when they found out, smiled Phillips. “We’re hoping it will make them want to write. Maybe they’ll someday have a dream of writing a book.”
“Angel Eyes” and “Stubby’s Destiny” can be found online at, and Divine Inspirations in Charles City also carries the children’s books. E-books are available for download at For more on Phillips or her books, visit
Phillips will be on hand Saturday from 9-11 a.m. at Divine Inspirations, 501 11th St., for a book signing and to meet readers. She will do another signing on Nov. 29 from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. at the Olive Branch in the Willowbrook Mall in Mason City.
“I’m very excited,” said Phillips. “ I just want to encourage kids to read good literature. There’s good literature and there’s not so good literature in this society and we need to fill them with the good stuff.”

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