Monday, November 24, 2008

Legacy of Love & Family Reunion

I was blessed to have the influence of two godly grandmothers in my life. When they passed away I wrote songs for their funerals. I have both of these songs recorded with Three Redeemed, a ladies' trio I sing with. Anyway, I've received several e-mails from my blog - The Apron. It seemed to strike a chord with many of you so I thought maybe these poems might warm your hearts during this holiday season.

Thank God for grandparents,

Legacy of Love

You’ve left us for awhile. We’ll miss your lovely smile.
But death cannot erase sweet memories that took place.
Although you’ve gone away in our hearts you’ll always stay
Our gift from God above – Our legacy of love.

Your work on Earth is done. Life’s final war you’ve won.
This one thing we know. You’ve left “footprints” in our soul.
We’ll keep marching on. We’ll keep singing all your songs.
Until we reach Heaven above
And see our legacy of love.

Your legacy of love with us will remain
Echoing the truths your life did proclaim.
The torch has now been passed.
We raise it unashamed.
You’re with Christ above
And Christ is here with me.
We’re really not apart.
There’s just a veil between.
You will always be
Etched in our memory
Our legacy of love.

Family Reunion

I love to sing songs of victory not songs of defeat.
Songs of God’s blessings are so sweet.
But since my grandma’s gone to Heaven
Nothing can compare
To the songs of our reunion when we meet over there.

It was my grandma that taught me those great reunion songs.
And my grandma that showed me right from wrong.
So when my life here has ended and I journey here no more
I’ll be singing with my grandma on God’s heavenly shore.

Family Reunion in the sweet by and by.
I’ll meet you in the morning in my home beyond the sky.
When the roll is called up yonder nothing can compare.
To the “Family Reunion” we’ll all have up there.

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