Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Wise Old Owl

“Mom, come quick! You’ve got to see this.”

I stumbled down the narrow hallway to the front door to see what our son was so excited about. There in our neighbor’s yard in broad daylight was a bard owl sitting on a mound of freshly fallen snow.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” John pointed at the frightened bird.

I nodded my head as we walked towards our fine-feathered friend. She was in distress and wildly flapped her wings. It was obvious that one wing was broken and she needed help. My husband called our local Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and explained the situation. They were unable to come until the next morning.

We watched as the owl fidgeted and fluttered to get to a safe place. After a long struggle, she nestled down under a pickup topper. Throughout the day we could hear her screeching. It sounded like a newborn baby crying for its mama.

“I forgot my net.” The conservation officer said as we walked towards the owl’s hiding place. “But I have some burlap that I might be able to catch her with.”

“There she is!” I whispered.

I watched as the officer slowly approached the wounded bird and threw a burlap sack over the bird. I marveled that the owl showed no sign of resistance. No flapping of the wings, screeching or feeble attempts to fly away. She just sat very still and seemed to hope that someone would save her.

Our family was facing a crisis of our own. We had “flapped” and “screeched” hoping to change the situation, but all our anxiety and worry only added to our stress load. Throughout the rest of the week, when I was tempted to “flit and flutter” in my spirit, I remembered the placid owl. As I prayed, I was still in His presence and sensed Him throwing his mantle of mercy over our family.

Maybe you are facing a situation where your spirit is anxious. Today allow the Holy Spirit to calm the storm in your soul.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10a NIV

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